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Metal and Machine is one of the leading metal products manufacturers and suppliers in the UAE. We cordially welcome you to place an order for the prepainted galvanized steel Coil / PPGI steel/color coated steel coil. Our warehouse is equipped with modern technology to bring out the most reliable products. We will not regret in buying products from our company. Because our products undergo various testing to make sure the products, we deliver to our customers should be of the best quality. We are rich with experienced professionals who are dedicated to become one of the world’s leading Ppgi coil supplier in UAE.
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    How PPGI coils/ steels are prepared?

    PPGI is mainly prepared by continuous dipping the galvanized steel in a hot-dip zinc mixture. This coating of metal provides strong corrosion protection to metals. It provides cathodic and barrier protection to the base steel significantly reduces the corrosion rate. This led to an increase in the durability of the products. The product gets the strength to fight with this aggressive atmosphere.

    Application of Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil:

    1. Construction of building: roofing; ventilating duct; handrail; partition panel; etc.
    2. In the manufacture of Electric appliances such as refrigerator; washing machine; microwave; etc.
    3. Transportation: oil tank; road sign; etc.
    4. Agriculture: barn; etc.
    5. Others: vending machine; game machine; etc.

    What is the advantage and disadvantage of galvanized coil in UAE?

    • Strong Corrosion Resistance

    The zinc layer on the surface of galvanized coil in UAE has great anti-corrosion properties that can viably stand up to outside components such as wind disintegration or corrosive rain erosion.

    • Long Service Life

    After being treated with the Gi coil in UAE and PPGI coil UAE handle, the benefit life span can be more than twice that compared to untreated steel materials, significantly increasing their durability.

    • High Safety and Security Performance

    Galvanized coils not only have great anti-corrosion properties but also great flame-retardant execution, making them widely utilized in the prefabricated steel building in the UAE industry.

    • Good Environmental Security and Safety Performance

    During the generation process, there may be a little squander gas, squander water, or squander buildup created from creating these items; in any case, cutting-edge innovation permits us to meet natural measures without contaminating our environment.

    We offer you a variety of steel products to satisfy all your requirements. Let us know if you need any of the metal products from our ends. We glad to deliver you custom-manufactured coils and sheets at your service. If you need Sandwich Panel in UAE you can make a call to our experts’ team, they will definitely revert you back. You will find a reasonable price for each product. Contact us for any support and services.