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Effective and reliable Roofing Solution in UAE

Metal & Machine is a company that is continuously expanding its industry as a manufacturer and supplier of metals. We can help you with different types of roofing sheets. If you are looking to invest some amount of money for the roofing sheets or PURLIN in UAE, then we are the best option for you. We can deliver you the best sheets for protecting the roofs and walls. Our service is for both the domestic and commercial industry’s purpose.

Different types of roofing sheets and their application

The different types of roof sheets available in the market have their own unique features. We have a team of professionals who can help you in differentiating the uses of each sheet. We also provide customized services to our customers, so that you can freely ask to design roof sheets in whatever you want to keep your product. Although some of the sheets already available in the market are listed below:

Metal Roof Sheets

Metal roof sheets have high tensile strength which is very difficult to break. The metal roof sheets are light in weight and can be managed easily.

Plastic Roof Sheets

Plastic roof sheets can be implemented in smaller structures such as garden sheds as well as temporary buildings. These products are light in weight which can easily be managed and install.

Polycarbonate Roof Sheets

These sheets are highly resistant to oils, water, solvents and even can go better with the harsh chemicals. It has highest capacity to bear the environmental weather.

Corrugated Roof Sheets

Corrugated Roof Sheets provides high resistance, strength and have reliable uses. These sheets are often used as the base material for other types of a sheet including PVC plastisol. PVC

Metal n Machine is a well-known brand in the field of manufacturing and exporting the various metal products like Aluminum Coil in Dubai. We provide you with professional technical support, which will help you to proceed with your project successfully. Our warehouse is equipped with advanced technology for manufacturing the products. You can thoroughly trust on our service. For more support and services, you can contact our skilled team of engineers for the instant service.

Roofing System

Sandwich Panel that is used to construct roofs and walls of industrial buildings.

Made from quality, high tensile galvanized steel. Z Purlin C Purlin are the part of main body of the whole structure by the way simply supporting or continuous mode.

Single Skin Profile Sheets offer architects and designers a range of choices for roof and wall cladding.

If you’re reviving an existing storage facility or are building a new stable, our galvanised corrugated roofing sheets are the ideal solution.

The decking sheets help in reducing the concentrated loading effect of roofing on the building structures by proper distribution of load.

Ridge Cap

Ridge Cap is the perfect complement to corrugated roofing, and the simple Three Bend Ridge Cap offers simple, understated lines.


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