Corrugated sheet in UAE

Metal & Machine, is a leading fencing supplier in the UAE. We are a  manufacturer and supplier always trying to develop the best industrial products for you. We can assist you with a variety of roofing solutions, including corrugated sheets, decking sheets, GI and ridge caps, and so on. We are the ideal option for you if you want to invest some money in roofing sheets or corrugated sheets. We can provide you with the best sheets for roofing and wall protection. Our team of fencing in the UAE will provide you with the best solution possible. 
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    We have different types of roofing solutions curated according to your needs:

    There are various types of roofing solutions available on the market with each of their distinct features and price ranges. We have experts and professionals who can assist you in determining the functions of each solution accurately. We also offer customized services to our customers, allowing you to design roof sheets in any way you desire while maintaining the quality of your product. Different types of roofing sheets available include:

    Metal Roof Sheets

    Metal roof sheets have high tensile strength and are extremely hard to break. Metal roof sheets are low in weight and easy to work with.

    Plastic Roof Sheets

    Plastic roof sheets can be used in smaller structures like gardens, huts, and temporary structures. These goods are light in weight and simple to handle and install.

    Polycarbonate roof sheets

    These sheets are extremely resistant to oils, water, solvents, and even strong chemicals. It has the best ability to withstand adverse weather conditions.

    Corrugated roof sheets

    These sheets provide you with high resistance, strength and are also very reliable. These sheets are used as the base for other sheet types, such as PVC plastics. PVC Metal and Machine is a well-known brand in the market of metal manufacturing and exporting, such as Aluminium Coil Suppliers.

    We offer competent and technical assistance to help you in completing your project successfully. Our warehouse is equipped with cutting-edge technology to manufacture all your items with great care. You trust in our services. You can reach out to our knowledgeable team of experts for additional assistance and services.

    Roofing System

    Sandwich Panel for Roof And Wall

    This is used for the construction of roofs and walls. You can use this for industrials.View More »

    Purlin Z and C Type

    Galvanized steel has high tensile strength. Z Purlin and C type Purlin are a part of the main body of the overall construction. It can be used simply or continuously to support any structure. View More »

    Single Skin Profile Sheet

    Our fencing supplier in UAE offers you various types of roof and wall cladding.View More »

    GI / Galvanised Corrugated Sheet

    If you are doing reconstruction or creating something new, you can use these galvanized corrugated sheets. View More »

    Decking Sheet

    These sheets help in balancing the weight of the structure. You can use decking sheets to balance out the load.View More »

    Ridge Cap

    Our fencing in UAE also provides you with Ridge Cap. These caps can be used for road works to keep pedestrians at bay.View More »