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The Top Most Corrugated metal Manufacturer Company in UAE

Metal & Machine is a very popular company for providing a classic and efficient Corrugated metal for the fencing panel. Among all other steel available in the market Galvanized steel is preferred the most. This type of steel is a top choice for fencing because it works well in all climate and resist rusting and even tolerates all climatic conditions. We deliver all types of stainless-steel metals if you need it for Temporary fencing Dubai.

Why CORRUGATED PANELS are important for fencing?

Corrugated panels are used in the construction panels that use a repeating wave (or corrugation) pattern in their design. As it is the best option for roofing and siding options, we manufacture a huge quantity of the product so that we can fulfill the needs of customers in the UAE.

Some of the Different Structural, Corrugated panels

3/4“ Corrugated:

3/4 Corrugated panels can be the best option for the customer if they are looking to build a large project. We offer you different colors for the panels. So, this could be the affordable option to buy these metal products.

1/2″ Corrugated:

As per the industrial or commercial use client ask for the 1/2″ Corrugated panels for siding, wainscot and interior projects. This corrugated panel will make a subtle statement. We offer you a highly versatile 1/2″ Corrugated.

1/4″ Corrugated

One of the most significant uses of 1/4″ Corrugated metal panel is to balance exact lines and also provides noticeable variation to a flat surface. This panel is a perfect choice to dress up your gables, wainscots and shed roofs.

Apart from this, we are proud to supply metals for various projects of Fencing in UAE. We have a team of resourceful engineers who can help you with the installation and delivery of high-end products.


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