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We are here to deliver the best quality and standard products based on customers satisfaction. And we are the best importer and manufacturer of steel products and aluminium and we are more specialized in steel industry. We ensure you with hassle free delivery with safety and private labeling along with the best prices.


Under the right management, our perspective is to deliver superior solutions to our customers. We take scientific & analytical research for smooth production to guarantee the high-grade and high effective production revolution. We have gained an exceptional position in the market for supplying better features products that carry higher stability.


We have a team of professionals and modernistic machinery for manufacturing all kinds of metal products like Aluminum and steel. These metal products can be used preparing smooth fencing, roofing, coils, pipes, and tubes. We have a team of skilled, experienced professionals to complete these services on time.


To manage the bulk quantity of products, we have a well-lined platform. Get a customized solution for various products. We are manufacturing & exporting metal Products to the UAE market as per the specific requirement of our customers. Our aim is to provide quality products and services at a competitive price

About Metal and Machine

Metal & Machine was established in 2012 in the emirates of Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE. The company has expanded collectively as one of the best Manufacturer and Exporters for industrial products like Aluminum, Steel Coils, Steel Pipes and tubes. We are specialized in providing a wide range of Steel products in the broad spectrum. Our main focus is to deliver quality products to our clients.  Our company’s overall strategy is completely based on a customer’s satisfaction. We are well known established UAE company and gained customers’ trust by offering them good standard products.

With a remarkable global presence, we are engaged in manufacturing and exporting quality products. Our products are highly appreciated by client’s around the globe for their unique property.  We believe in transmitting the products that satisfy our client’s needs.

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Highly Focused R&D

R&D and our perseverance to achieve the highest standards have given us the leader status in all our businesses.

Competitive Pricing

Our innovative approach towards product design and production help us bring you the best products at even better prices.

Private Labeling

We undertake private labeling of various products and ensure a timely delivery of all orders.

Quality Assurance

Every Metal and Machine product comes with an assurance of high quality and zero compromise in its production, performance, and safety.

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    Strengthens of Fencing and Crowd Barrier in UAE

    You can’t deny the quality of steel. Fencing UAE boards have been around for a long time and are still broadly known to be the best alternative. To make your home more secure, a steel fence can be highly valuable. In spite of being much more grounded than other alternatives on the showcase, there are a cluster of reasons why steel fence boards are the best choice for your home.


    Unistrut UAE boards are perfect for securing your property since burglars or interlopers can’t break through the metal boards. The expanded peace of intellect is another advantage of the steel wall. Steel walls are more secure than other fencing frameworks because of the quality and strength of the metal itself.

    A steel wall can also discourage criminal activities such as vandalism and burglary. Steel fence boards can be altered to have security screws on brackets that make the boards unremovable.


    Steel fence boards are altogether more solid than all the other options accessible on the showcase. Due to this, they are not going to be influenced by rain, mugginess, or other characteristic climatic issues. The result of this is that Metal fabrication in UAE can be utilized for a longer period of time when compared to other sorts of fencing.


    C channel UAE, U channel UAE posts can be adjusted to suit your property. This can include altering the designs, thickness, board estimate, tallness, and color of the steel fence board. Security advancements include palisades, spikes, or bar tops to improve the security the steel fence board offers.

    These customized precast concrete blocks in UAE make the ultimate bundle of looks and security. This makes a difference in making the peace of intellect feel secure on your property while keeping up its visual request.

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