Easy Ways To Learn Everything About Fencing

Easy Ways To Learn Everything About Fencing

When it comes to fencing in UAE, people usually look for different metals and materials to choose the best among them. Well, it is recommended to go for corrugated metal panels to build your fence as it not only delivers exceptional privacy but also provides a unique fence design. So, there are a lot of things that you must learn before fencing. Let’s check out some of the best tips related to fencing.

Fence design ideas

You can use various designs while fencing such as steel fence frames, integration of wood planks and translucent panels with corrugated metal sheets, etc. It ensures greater security along with unique designs and different styles.

However, you can try out various designs, shapes, colors, and sizes of corrugated metal sheets to design and build your metal fence.

Corrugated metal fence framing ideas

Though you can simply patch corrugated metal sheets directly into wood posts to frame a fence, yet never go for such a simple task. You can perform the same task in limitless modern ways. Always make sure to choose different types of corrugated sheet panels to give an interesting look to your fence. For instance, you can try out different shaped ribbed panels and can place them horizontally or vertically to give an amazing look to the fence.

Fastening metal panel ideas

As the outer edges of the metal sheets get secured inside the U channel of the frame, you only need to fasten the long seams of each panel together. It can be done using varied size nuts and bolts. The exact size of the screws and the distance between the bolts depends upon the thickness and quality of the metal sheets.

Some fasteners are usually meant to patch those metal sheets where the backside is hidden against a roof or wall. Make sure not to use them everywhere.

Corrugated metal sheet materials

Choice of metal depends on various factors such as level of details, maintenance, uses, etc. Thus, you can try out tubular steel, tubular aluminum, solid steel, etc.


If you are thinking of building a corrugated metal fence, make sure to consider all important points before you go. Do not forget to do some basic preparations such as rusting the metal sheets, tearing the loose paints, filling the small holes and dents, if any, and polishing the metal surface with primer. It will not only ensure the longevity of the metal fencing but will also allow the paint to stick for longer.

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