CORRUGATED SHEETS IN UAE: A wavy pattern of strength and reliability

CORRUGATED SHEETS IN UAE: A wavy pattern of strength and reliability

A sheet with a wavy pattern made from galvanized steel is nowadays much in use under the name of corrugated sheets in UAE. With repetitive folds on their surface, they have a wide range of applications in the field of construction. When compared with the plain sheets they offer better reliability and strength. Their grooves and ridges make them much stronger. Due to its corrugated structure, it can withstand much weight and also have better water-shedding properties making it useful for both roof and siding applications.

They are prepared by a cold forming process and are rolled through a roll forming process. Along with ppgi coil supplier in UAE corrugated sheet supplier also gains much profit through these sheets because of their enormous benefits.

Benefits of corrugated sheets

Corrugated sheets have a wide number of advantages which make it worth using:

  • Keeps water away from the house: The unique structure of corrugated sheets when used on roofs helps them to run water downwards and keep it away from our houses and they also do not amplify rain sound. It is the same as it is with traditional clay roofs.
  • Greater durability: In terms of durability they give tough competition to other products used for the same purpose in the field of construction. They can withstand different environmental pressures like rain, heat, cold, hail, etc., and also heavyweights that may hit our houses during some natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados, or high winds. Also, they are resistant to pests, fire damage, or moisture penetration due to the protective coating present in them. They do not rust because of the presence of zinc in them.
  • Sustainability: These corrugated sheets are made from pre-and post-consumer recycled products and can also be recycled after use. This property of corrugated sheets in the UAE makes them more attractive and reliable.
  • Lightweight: one of the most useful advantages is that they are light weighted. This quality of corrugated sheets makes their transportation and installation easy and also reduces the labor cost.
  • Low maintenance:  corrugated sheets require very little maintenance. They do not let the water or debris get collected on the surface and hence they require very little time and money on their maintenance.
  • Customization: they can be customized according to the needs of the customer. They are available in various colors and shapes. Starting from the material they are made of to their sizes and shape they can be manufactures according to the interest of customers.


  1. Architecture and construction: due to their fantastic properties like durability, reliability, and lightweight corrugated sheets along with pipe and tube in Dubai find a wide range of applications in architecture and construction.
  2. Packaging: because of their unique characteristics and design they are used in place of paper boards and wooden packaging. We usually see them as boxes in grocery stores, booksellers, gift sellers, etc.
  3. Forestry: they are usually used to protect samplings from wildlife damage and also for controlling the temperature and light in the interior for stimulation of growth.
  4. Pharmaceutical industry: with their ability to get sterilized at a high temperature they are used in the packaging of ampoules, tablets, or medicine bottles of various sizes.

It can now be concluded that with enormous advantages they also have a wide range of applications. The use of corrugated sheets is increasing day by day because of the gradually developing trust and interest of engineers towards them. They prove to be great help and support in the field of construction. In this modern world when everybody demands of a thing which is of great quality, easy to manage and also economical then corrugated sheets are the best option.

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